1) preaching and teaching the truth of the Gospel to the creation, which is the way of salivation for mankind under under heaven, by accepting Gods truth in jesus christ, the perfect God and perfect savior, by repenting and finding the root of sin , returning to Gods purposse, and knowing Gods plan and goal for life.

2) We believe in God the father, God the son , God the Holy Spirit.

3) To realize the height of the word by teaching the truth of the word of God until all people reach the unity of being a complete person by believing and knowing the child of God.

4) Teaching and praying for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be able to identify and use the gift of the Holy Spirit properly.

5) According to Gods word , believers have different organs in a person and organs have their required functions in the body and equip believers with the knowledge of word so that they can stand as Gods army in any direction they can, beyond the gift of grace, by reminding them of their responsibility for the work of Gods Spirit.

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